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Look After Your Heart And You Look After Your Brain - Mar 2016
New research shows that keeping your heart healthy also means that you will have less brain and cognitive decline with age. This is nothing new to those who understand the holistic nature of the body, but it is an eye-opener from a reductionist modern medical perspective.

One Week on an Organic Diet can Reduce Pesticide Load by 90% - Jun 2015
New research has shown that just one week on an organic diet can reduce our pesticide load by 90%. This will make a significant difference overall to our risk of serious diseases such as cancer and are another reason to buy and eat organic food whenever possible.

Organic fruit and vegetables are twice as nutritious as non-organic foods and much less toxic - Apr 2015
Organic food is not a luxury but a necessity for anyone who wants optimum health. This is because a diet high in organic produce tends to be significantly lower in toxins and higher in nutrients. Whilst the toxic issue is pretty obvious, only now has its greater nutrient content been proved.

Intestinal bacteria impacts food transit through the gut - Apr 2014
Intestinal bacteria in our gut play a much larger role than just food digestion, for they are able to regulate other functions such as the immune system. And this is why a modern lifestyle and antibiotics, both of which destroy intestinal bacteria, are so devastating to health.

Heart disease similar for men and women, says study - Apr 2014
Contrary to what many doctors believe, once plaque starts to accumulate in the coronary arteries, the prognosis is very similar between men and women. Following on from this, muscle-strengthening and aerobic exercise has been shown to increase hormones that protect the brain.

New treatments for heart and endocrine disorders could be on the way - Mar 2014
The more brown fat we have in our bodies, the slimmer we tend to be. Brown fat is usually found in children and thought to decrease as we get older, which is why we get fat, but new studies show it is present in adults, opening the way to new treatments for obesity diseases.

Brain reward gene influences what we eat early in life - Mar 2014
Our genetic disposition plays an important role in deciding what foods we like to eat when we are younger. For example, if we carry the genetic allele that decreases dopamine function, we are more like to go for high fat and sugar comfort foods.

Rheumatoid arthritis, cancer link may present therapeutic potential - Dec 2013
A molecule called cadherin-11 seems to be prevalent in those with some cancers and rheumatoid arthritis, and both conditions also involve inflammatory responses. This common ground opens up new possibilities for treatment of both diseases.

Worldwide cardiovascular fitness in decline, says study - Nov 2013
Children today are not as fit as their parents were at the same age. This sad statistic bears witness to the decline in health and fitness that children in today's modern society are facing, a decline which will hit them later in life.

Diet of men with prostate cancer 'could affect outcomes' - Nov 2013
Diet affects the outcome of prostate cancer, a fact that anyone into natural health will already know applies to all cancers, although the medical profession is just coming to this realization with certain types of cancer.

Improved heart health linked to brushing teeth - Nov 2013
Regularly brushing our teeth and gums can significantly reduce the progression of atherosclerosis, which therefore reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Could probiotics be used to treat depression? - Nov 2013
As the intestinal microbial balance regulates inflammatory responses in the body, and as this in turn is now thought to modulate mood and behaviour, probiotics are now being considered for optimizing mental health.

Exercise during pregnancy recommended - Nov 2013
Exercise during pregnancy can boost the vascular function of the unborn child into adulthood, and strengthens the child's vascular walls.

Curcumin: What's all the fuss about? - Nov 2013
Curcumin is a powerful natural spice that new research suggests can be very helpful for a number of conditions, from cancer to degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Obesity 'behind increase in knee replacements' - Nov 2013
The rise in knee replacements is due to the obesity epidemic, new research that looked at records of more than 125 orthopaedic surgeons suggests.

Scientists discover obesity gene - Nov 2013
New research suggests that there really is an obesity gene that makes it much more likely that individuals with this particular gene will be obese.

Link between subclinical myocardial injury and sleep apnoea discovered - Nov 2013
New research suggests that there is a link between obstructive sleep apnoea and subclinical myocardial injury, indicating that those with OSA need to be checked for potential cardiovascular problems.

Are children affected by their mother's anxiety or depression? - Nov 2013
A new study suggests that mothers pass on tendencies to anxiety or depression in the first few years of a child's life, making the child much more likely to develop these problems later on in life.

Elderly 'should learn new skills' to keep their mind ticking over - Nov 2013
New research suggests that moving away from familiar territory and undertaking stimulating new skills could be the key to good mental health for the elderly.

Effects of excessive alcohol consumption explored - Oct 2013
Excess alcohol consumption has now been linked to both an increased risk of atherosclerosis and to an increased risk of stroke, even for those who only drink excessively occasionally.

Scientists uncover the secrets of 'healthy' brown fat cells - Oct 2013
New research has discovered that the body produces healthy brown fat cells, which are used as body heaters, as a consequence of adapting to the cold. These cells are produced independently to normal white fat storage cells.

Supplements 'may benefit postmenopausal women with invasive breast cancer' - Oct 2013
Our perception of the taste of artificial sweeteners may well be dependant upon our genetic profile, a new study suggests.

Osteoporosis could threaten women's independence, says study - Oct 2013
Taking preventative steps against osteoporosis is vital for women's future independence into old age and for the strength of the economy, where osteoporosis costs the EU a staggering 37 billion euro annualy.

Problems with breastfeeding make first-time mums 'more likely to quit' - Oct 2013
Those first-time mothers who have problems breast-feeding their babies are ten times more likely to abandon the practice, foregoing the massive benefits to both baby and mother that breastfeeding conveys.

Combination of Chinese, Western medicine to help cancer patients investigated - Oct 2013
A combination of traditional Chinese herbs and Western medicine is being tested at Cardiff and Peking universities to see if this combi-treatment might offer cancer patients a more effective outcome.

Vitamin D supplementation alone 'not enough to improve bone health' - Oct 2013
Taking Vitamin D alone is not enough to improve bone health: it needs to be taken in conjunction with a calcium supplement.

Genes may affect how people taste sweetener, says study - Oct 2013
Our perception of the taste of artificial sweeteners may well be dependant upon our genetic profile, a new study suggests.

Immune system's 'first responders' identified - Oct 2013
Researchers in California have identified the roles of special immune system cells called interleukin-17A and dentritic epidermal T cells which are central to the healing process.

More women paying attention to elective mastectomies - Oct 2013
Angelina Jolie's decision to have a double mastectomy rather than face the possibility of cancer has encouraged many women to consider the same preventative treatment.

Diet more responsible for cancer than genes, says expert - Oct 2013
Our diets can play a greater role than our genetics in whether or not we develop cancer, according to British nutritional therapist and author Patrick Holford.

Diet and genes combine to affect digestive health - Oct 2013
The food we eat is processed specifically according to our unique genetic makeup, and this can lead to specific diseases such as Crohn's disease and other digestive disorders.

Cholesterol treatments could lead to memory loss, scientists warn - Oct 2013
Pravastation and atorvostatin, two drugs commonly prescribed to lower cholesterol have been shown to damage memory and cognitive function.

New digestion model offers insight into ulcer treatment - Oct 2013
Pigs will soon replace mice as the animal experiment model for research into ulcer treatment because their gut is unfortunately more similar to that of humans. Poor pigs!

Health expert shuns negativity surrounding menopause - Oct 2013
Negative steriotype associated with the menopause only make the situation worse, according to leading health expert Dr. Marilyn Glenville.

Paracetamol boosts exercise performance, study claims - Oct 2013
Paracetamol, the pain-relief tablet, has been shown to increase exercise performance by increasing the body's ability to cool itself, new research has discovered.

Arginine 'eases pain levels for sickle cell disease patients' - Sep 2013
Arginine, an amino acid found in healthy diets, has been shown to treat pain more effectively than standard opioids, scientists have now found.

Link between obesity, insulin resistance and fructose established - Sep 2013
Fruit has always been considered to be very healthy, and yet it can contains high amounts of fructose (fruit sugars) which have now been linked to obesity and insuline resistance.

Curcumin shows anti-viral potential against hepatitis C - Sep 2013
Curcumin can help protect liver cells from being infected by the hepatitis C virus, new research in Germany suggests.

Cell division 'master controller' discovered - Sep 2013
Scientists believe they may have discovered the master controller behind cell division, leading some to be hopeful that this could pave the way for a better understanding - and, consequently, treatment - of cancer.

Obesity gene testing 'can reduce self-blame overweight' - Sep 2013
A study has suggested that obesity gene testing can have a positive effect on people's attitudes towards their weight, helping them to reduce self-blame.

Eat broccoli to stave off osteoarthritis, say experts - Sep 2013
Eating broccoli has been recommended for those who wish to prevent or slow the progression of osteoarthritis - the most common form of arthritic joint conditions.

Teenage weight loss 'disguising other health problems' - Sep 2013
In a recent Pediatrics article, Mayo Clinic researchers warned that disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are not being adequately detected.

Fingers may hold the key to heart health, suggests research - Sep 2013
An American physiologist believes that medical professionals may be able to ascertain whether or not the aorta has stiffened by using an instrument clipped to the end of an individual's figure to measure pulse.

Spotting early signs of sepsis 'is not easy' - Sep 2013
A new report by the Health Service Ombudsman pointed out that 37,000 people with the condition die every year and that more needs to be done in order to save lives.

Education 'could be key to tackling female obesity' - Sep 2013
New research suggests that education might be a key area to target for those who are tackling the issue of rising obesity among females who have sedentary occupations.

'About a quarter of us' experience fewer, less diverse intestinal bacteria - Sep 2013
A five-year study using pioneering DNA analysis and bioinformatics techniques has revealed that roughly one in four people have fewer intestinal bacteria compared with the rest of the population.

Causes of deadly heart disease discovered - Sep 2013
Researchers believe they have unlocked the key to why people develop staphylococcal infective endocarditis - a lethal bacterial infection that is currently responsible for around 20,000 deaths in the US every single year.

Damaging bacteria 'manipulate the human immune system to survive' - Sep 2013
Helicobacter pylori - a bacterium found in the stomach lining of roughly half of the world's population and which is known to cause potentially fatal diseases - is capable of suppressing the human immune system to survive.

Researchers hope for progress on Graves' disease treatment - Sep 2013
A treatment for people with Graves' disease could be on the cards as a result of pioneering research carried out at King's College London School of Medicine.

More support needed to help women complete tamoxifen course, says charity - Sep 2013
Over 5,000 women a year who are prescribed the cancer drug tamoxifen are not completing the course due to unpleasant side effects, which include hot flushes, nausea, indigestion, weight gain and changes in menstrual cycles.

Complement system influences skin microbiome, reveals study - Sep 2013
New research has shown that the immune system plays a crucial role in influencing the microbiome - defined as the total number of microbes, their genetic elements and environmental interactions - of the skin.

Stress gene enables spread of cancer, says study - Sep 2013
Scientists believe that a gene in immune system cells known as ATF3 may be the vital link between stress and cancer spreading.

Urinary incontinence common among cancer survivors - Sep 2013
People who have been treated successfully for certain forms of cancer appear to have an increased risk of urinary incontinence, compared with the general population.

Immune system responsible for stress-related anxiety, says study - Sep 2013
New research has revealed that when we are subjected to stress, immune system cells called monocytes are recruited to the brain as a natural reaction, causing inflammation in certain regions which are associated with anxiousness.

Study suggests anaemia may increase risk of dementia - Aug 2013
Older people with anaemia may be more likely to develop dementia than those without the condition, a study has found.

Rheumatoid arthritis patients may benefit from grape seed extract - Aug 2013
People with rheumatoid arthritis may benefit from taking grape seed extract, a natural plant-derived extract that is often included in high-quality antioxidant supplements.

Older people with low vitamin D struggle with routine tasks - Aug 2013
Vitamin D deficiency increases the likelihood that people will struggle to perform routine tasks as they get older, a study has found.

Vegetarians have healthier gums - Aug 2013
Research shows that vegetarians are less likely to have bleeding gums, loose teeth and signs of inflammation than non-vegetarians, as well as having better overall oral hygiene.

Vitamin D deficiency linked to increased risk of pre-eclampsia - Aug 2013
Women with a deficiency in vitamin D may have an increased risk of the pregnancy complication pre-eclampsia, a new study has found.

Antioxidants and vitamins linked to reduced risk of cataracts - Aug 2013
People with a high intake of antioxidants and certain vitamins may benefit from a reduced risk of age-related cataracts, new research suggests.

Caesarean delivery linked to increased risk of allergy - Aug 2013
Children born by Caesarean section may experience slower immune system development and an increased risk of allergies in the future, scientists have found.

Antioxidants 'may treat neuropathic pain' - Aug 2013
Those with neuropathic pain may find relief from taking high-quality antioxidant supplements, research at the University of Texas suggests.

Build-up of toxins inside the body 'linked to economic status' - Aug 2013
The type of toxins we build up in our bodies is very much dependant on our socioeconomic category. For example, richer people tend to build up mercury, arsenic, caesium and thallium due to their "richer" diets.

Study finds link between bladder symptoms and metabolic syndrome - Aug 2013
Men with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS)/ benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) are at high risk of components of metabolic syndrome, a study has found.

Lycopene linked to small drop in prostate cancer risk - Aug 2013
Tomatoes and tomato extract has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer, which is why is it a central component of most integrative prostate cancer treatments.

Good state of mind 'affects expression of immune system genes' - Aug 2013
How our immune system genes express themselves is very much dependent upon our state of mind. If we have a deep sense of purpose and meaning, our immune system will be strong.

Women's height 'linked to postmenopausal cancer risk' - Aug 2013
Taller women have an increased risk of developing cancer following the menopause, a new study suggests.

People are enjoying better health in later life - Aug 2013
Research has revealed that the average person now enjoys much better health in later life than might have been expected in the past.

Study finds elevated incidence of blood cancer near benzene-releasing facilities - Aug 2013
Benzene is linked to non-Hodgkin lymphoma which is why the risk of this type of blood cancer is higher for those living near benzene-releasing refineries.

Fruit and veg intake linked to reduced risk of bladder cancer in women - Jul 2013
If you are a woman, the higher your consumption of yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, the lower you risk of developing bladder cancer, new research discovers.

Antioxidants may help to protect vision - Jul 2013
Dr Ivana Kim, associate professor of ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School, stresses the importance of certain vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants in preventing vision loss, especially as we get older.

Sugary foods and drinks identified as risk factors for bowel cancer - Jul 2013
Fatty and sugary foods are now believed to increase the risk of bowel cancer, according to researchers at the University of Edinburgh.

Study finds link between sleep deprivation and skin ageing- Jul 2013
Poor sleep contributes to skin ageing and reduced ability to recover from environmental stressors, according to new research.

Polyphenol antioxidants linked to longevity - Jul 2013
Polyphenol antioxidants are substances found in plants that have a protective effect in the body, leading to increased longevity.

Arsenic and acrylamide 'pose a health risk in food' - Jul 2013
Dietary toxins such as arsenic from rice and acrylamide from high-heated carbohydrates can increase our risk of developing cancer, which is why it is important to limit our exposure to them and to take zeolite detox supplements.

Study uncovers high levels of oxidative stress among obese people - Jul 2013
Obese people are much more prone to damaging oxidative stress than those in the normal-weight range, with rogue oxidation at pathological levels.

Poor bladder health linked to other conditions in men - Jul 2013
Doctors need to be alerted to the finding that men suffering from urinary problems are likely to be suffering from a range of other health problems, including sleep apnoea, depression, anxiety, obesity, heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

Evidence grows for role of BioBran MGN-3 in immune support - Jul 2013
Boosting white cell activity is vital for optimum health and disease recovery (such as cancer). Biobran is a natural product that studies have shown can powerfully strengthening the immune response.

Turmeric 'may improve liver function' - Jul 2013
Tumeric, a spice grown in India and used in curries, has become an important addition to the natural health arsenal due to its ability to reduce inflammation and support the liver.

Antioxidant supplements 'may boost male fertility' - Jul 2013
New evidence has come to light showing that antioxidants can boost male fertility by reducing the oxidative stress on sperm cells.

Sleep deprivation may contribute to excessive worrying - Jul 2013
Not getting enough sleep can lead to abnormal neural activity similar to that found in anxiety disorders and excess worry.

Green tea extract may improve blood sugar control - Jul 2013
Green tea extract has been shown to help control blood glucose levels, helping to restore insulin sensitivity.

Study finds arsenic may accumulate in conventional chicken meat - Jul 2013
Chicken is considered to be a healthy meat, but unless you buy organic it can be heavily poisoned with arsenic, due to the drugs like Roxarsone used in poultry farming.

New cancer drug stimulates the immune system but is years from reaching the clinic - Jul 2013
A new drug that can activate NK cells has been shown to delay cancer developing as it stimulates the immune system to kill cancer cells. MGN1703 is only in Phase II trials so will not be available for a number of years.

Worrying about the effects of stress 'may affect the heart' - Jun 2013
Negative beliefs about how much stress we have and its affects on our body seem to greatly increase its harm on us.

Science 'must focus on combined effects of environmental and lifestyle factors on health' - Jun 2013
Chemical sales doubled between 2000 and 2009, adding to the toxic burden that, along with poor lifestyle choices, is believed to be the cause of escalating degenerative diseases such as cancer and vascular disease.

Doubts cast over safety of drinking water - Jun 2013
Arsenic is a natural toxin that is found in drinking water. New research indicates that current methods for removing it from water are not effective enough.

Many women recover from UTIs without antibiotics - Jun 2013
Many women with urinary tract infections prefer to let their own bodies heal naturally rather than use antibiotics.

Curcumin 'may help people with depression' - Jun 2013
Curcumin can help those with depression, and taking antidepression medication, to more rapidly reduce their symptoms.

Investigational drug may help immune system to fight advanced cancer - Jun 2013
New immunotherapy treatment gives hope to patients with advanced or metastatic sold tumour. MPDL3280A is an antibody drug developed at the Yale Cancer Center.

Study suggests immune system stimulation may help to fight brain tumours - Jun 2013
Activating the immune system has been found to be effective in cases of aggressive brain cancer.

Antioxidant carotenoids may slow hardening of the arteries - Jun 2013
High levels of carotenoids in the blood have been shown to significantly lower the risk of atherosclerosis and heart attacks.

Lycopene may modulate genes in prostate cancer - Jun 2013
Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant found in and extracted from tomatoes, is now believed to be helpful for those with cancer by its ability to modulate caner genes.

Storage conditions 'may affect antioxidant levels in vegetables' - Jun 2013
New reseach has shown that the light conditions in which vegetables are stored affect their antioxidant levels by the time they are eated.

Inflammation explains link between stress and weak immune system - Jun 2013
Stress has a significant impact on the immune system, depressing it significantly, but new research now shows that this effect is mediated by stress' ability to reduce the body's ability to regulate inflammation.

Majority of women 'have never discussed bladder health with their GP' - Jun 2013
Women are reluctant to discuss urinary symptoms with their doctors due to their embarrassment regarding disorders in this area of health.

Conventional cancer treatments 'could become very expensive' - Jun 2013
Immunotherapy drugs are extremely expensive, costing as much as £15,000 a month. And with immunotherapy becoming a primary cancer treatment approach, the future for the NHS is financially weak.

Study links immune system to mood disorders - Jun 2013
Mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder seem to be associated with lowered immune systems, according to new research in Denmark.

Urinary incontinence can be mentally taxing for middle-aged women - Jun 2013
Urinary incontinence can have a devistating effect on the mental wellbeing of middle-aged women.

Tomato antioxidant may ease night-time prostate woes - Jun 2013
Symptoms of prostate cancer can be reduced by taking an antioxidant extracted from tomatoes called lycopene.

Study raises concern about toxic metals in lipstick - May 2013
Lipsticks and lip gloss can contain high levels of toxic metals such as lead, cadmium, chromium and aluminium, according to new American research.

Early research suggests MGN-3 may help myeloma patients - May 2013
Multiple myeloma sufferers can be helped with Biobran MGN-3 due to its powerful effect on the strength of the immune system.

Boost body's natural defences to fight flu, scientists say - May 2013
The best way to fight flu is to bolster immune function according to new research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and nothing boosts the immune system better than Biobran MGN-3.

MGN-3 may reduce side-effects of radiotherapy - May 2013
Radiotherapy side-effects can be effectively reduced by the natural health supplement Biobran MGN-3, according to new research from the Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in the United States.

High-quality vitamin D supplement could help people with asthma - May 2013
Vitamin D reduces a substance in the body called IL-17A which causes asthma sufferers to have difficulty breathing. This is exciting news for those who are steroid-resistant and so do not respond well to conventional therapies.

Air pollution 'may be linked to hardening of the arteries' - May 2013
Regular exposure to air pollution is linked to an increase in the rate of atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, researchers in the United States are now claiming.

Survey finds Brits are failing to care for dental health - May 2013
The British were once renowned for having poor dental hygine. That image changed however over the last few decades. Now it seems that old habits die hard and questions are being asked again about UK dental health.

Curcumin may prevent fatty liver disease - May 2013
New Research has found that curcumin supplements are able to reduce the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, lowering the risks involved with high fat diets.

Actor Sir Michael Caine uses turmeric supplements for brain health - May 2013
Actor Michael Caine takes turmeric supplements in order to keep his brain sharp and ward off the signs of ageing. The active component of turmeric is curcumin.

Clinical trial supports safety of saw palmetto in men with urological symptoms - Apr 2013
New research shows that the herb Saw Palmetto is safe for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Oral Vitamin D3 'the treatment of choice' for deficiency- Apr 2013
Those with Vitamin D3 deficiency should take an oral Vitmain D3 food supplement, according to new research funded by The National Osteoporosis Society in the UK.

Exercise 'improves sleep' among menopausal women - Apr 2013
The menopause often causes sleep problems. But researchers have found that those women who take more exercise or lead a more active lifestyle can prevent sleep disruption.

Natural approach favoured by people with MS - Apr 2013
Many of those suffering with MS have been found by research to favour natural approaches to their condition, especially women and those with higher education.

Vitamin D 'vital for muscle function' - Apr 2013
New research has found that Vitmain D supplements can help to improve muscle function and boost energy levels.

High levels of mercury linked to increased diabetes risk - Apr 2013
Mercury exposure in early adulthood increases the risk of type-2 diabetes later in life. Primary sources of mercury exposure are dental fillings and seafood, especially tuna.

Link between meat compound and heart disease underlines benefits of vegetarian diet - Apr 2013
Carnitine, a compound found in meat, breaks down in the body to a metabolite called TMAO, which been linked to the hardening of arteries. This is another reason why a vegan or vegetarian diet is much healthier.

Curcumin supplements may ease joint pain - Apr 2013
Curcumin can cause a 16-fold reduction in inflammation markers, making it an ideal supplement for people with osteoarthritis of the knee.

Pesticide exposure in the womb 'linked to high blood pressure in adulthood' - Apr 2013
Prenatal exposure to DDT has been shown to increase the risk of high blood pressure or hypertension.

Work 'the biggest cause of stress' - Apr 2013
A new survey has reveiled that work is the biggest cause of stress in people's lives, ahead of other factors such as financial problems and health.

Adolescent risk factors linked to heart disease in later life - Apr 2013
Teenagers are not following heart-healthy eating habits making them much more vulnerable to cardiovascular problems later in life.

High levels of lead found in imported rice in the US - Apr 2013
High levels of the toxic metal lead have been found in rice imported into the US, making detox increasingly important for the maintenance of optimum health.

Vitamin D lowers inflammation in lung diseases - Apr 2013
Taking Vitamin D has been shown to lower inflammation in the lungs, making it ideal for those with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (CPOD).

Men's bowel cancer rates rise by more than a quarter - Apr 2013
Bowel cancer rates for men have significantly increased over the past 35 years, rising nearly 30%.

Month of birth linked to immune system development - Apr 2013
Your birth month has been scientifically shown to affect the type of immune system you will have in life. Those born in May, for example, have 20% lower Vitamin D levels than those born in November, and higher harmful T-cells.

Organic diets 'healthier than non-organic ones' - Apr 2013
Researchers in the US have found that insects fed organic foods lived longer and were more fertile than insects fed non-organic foods.

Majority of people with diabetes 'do not have condition under control' - Apr 2013
One in five people with diabetes have been shown to have the condition under control in terms of glucose levels, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Study underlines need to boost nutrient intake when giving up red meat - 10 Apr 2013
A study has shown that when giving up red meat, an important step to optimum health, it is important to ensure that the diet contains sufficient nutrients.

BioBran MGN-3 'minimises side-effects of chemotherapy' for patients with breast cancer - Apr 2013
Women underboing chemotherapy for breast cancer can minimise the side-effects by taking Biobran MGN-3, researchers at Nishtar Hospital in Pakistan have found.

Daily stress 'bad for long-term mental wellbeing' - Apr 2013
Researchers have found that not adequately coping with day-to-day stress can lead to long-term mental distress and mood disorders.

Vitamin D supplements may improve immunity in healthy adults - Apr 2013
Taking higher quantities of Vitamin D is needed to restore definiciency, a new study suggests.

Low vitamin D levels may cause adverse pregnancy outcomes - Apr 2013
Low Vitamin D levels have been shown to increase the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes such as gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

Depression may reduce benefits of healthy lifestyle - Apr 2013
Depression can cancel out the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle by elevating inflammation in the body, and can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Faster biological ageing linked to heart disease and cancer - Apr 2013
New research seems to indicated that our differing biological ages may be a significant factor in our risk of heart disease, cancer and other age-related illnesses.

Green tea antioxidants 'may lower stroke risk' - Mar 2013
The risk of strokes can be reduced by drinking green tea, a new Japanese study has found, with 4 cups a day lowering the risk by as much as 20%.

Clogged arteries date back to pre-industrial times - Mar 2013
Evidence of atherosclerosis in pre-industrial times suggests that clogged arteries may be more a factor of ageing than they are of damaging modern lifestyle choices.

Britons spend more time with chronic illness than most Europeans - Mar 2013
A new study reveals how unhealthy Britains are compared to the rest of Europe, due to excess drinking, smoking, poor diet and a lack of exercise.

Study uncovers impact of bladder condition on sleep disruption - Mar 2013
Nocturia is name for a bladder condition that mostly older adults suffer which is characterised by the need for frequent urination during the night. When these sorts of bladder complaints are treated, sleep benefits enormously.

Heart-healthy lifestyle also reduces risk of cancer - Mar 2013
Heart-healthy lifestyle choices also seem to reduce the risk of cancer, new research has found. Basically, eating right and keeping optimum weight, amongst other factors, reduces the risk of both vascular diseases and cancer.

Oxidised cholesterol 'contributes to heart disease' - Mar 2013
Professor Kummerow, emeritus professor at the University of Illinois, now regards oxidised lipids as the main cause of arterial plaque, and not cholesterol as previously assumed.

Experts warn of masked toxins in food - Mar 2013
There are fears that naturally occurring chemicals produced by certain moulds in cereal crops may be converted into toxic substances inside the body.

Urinary incontinence 'common' in people with heart failure - Mar 2013

Lack of sleep can alter gene - Mar 2013
Sleep deprivation not only makes you tired, but it also alters the expression of your genes, decreasing immunity and increasing inflammation.

Relationship troubles take their toll on immune system - Mar 2013
Relationship problems take their toll on our immune systems because the mental stress it causes has a negative physiological affect on our bodies.

Study links processed meat diet with premature death risk - Mar 2013
Processed meat is dangerous to eat and should be avoided. It is basically poisonous to the body and will shorten life, such is the conclusion of researchers at the University of Zurich.

Organic tomatoes richer in vitamins? - Mar 2013
We always knew that organic food was more nutritious than conventional food, but now it is closer to being proved by the release of a new scientific report.

Obesity statistics show alarming state of England's health - Mar 2013
Only a third of those living in England reported a healthy weight in 2011, with obesity becoming pandemic as exercise levels reduce and diets deteriorate.

Niacin linked to increased side-effects when combined with statins - Mar 2013
Vitamin B3 or niacin should not be taken alongside statin cholesterol-lowering drugs because it increases the risk of unwanted side-effects.

Chronic pain leaving millions reliant on painkillers - Mar 2013
Four in ten of those on painkillers claim to need them just to get by, and 26% have been on them for more than 5 years. This dependency is a great worry to patients.

Memory loss a chronic problem for care home elderly - Mar 2013
Sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets in old age mean that more than 80% of those in care homes suffer from dementia.

High intake of iron 'may protect against PMS' - Mar 2013
The symptoms of PMS is reduced in diets that contain optimum amounts of iron and zinc from vegetable sources, according to new research.

British women 'unaware of causes of skin ageing' - Mar 2013
As we age, we lose subcutaneous fat, and this causes our features to shrink and wrinkles to appear. So it is volume loss that is causing much of the sagging.

Household chemicals linked to cancer and developmental disorders - Mar 2013
Safety checks on the chemicals used in household products are not adequately tested, and many cause cancer and other developmental disorders. This is why it is so important to choose natural products - they are safer.

Britons urged not to ignore mental wellbeing - Mar 2013
With 1 in 4 experiencing mental disorder in any given year, Professor Sahakian urges us to look after our minds with the same focus that we look after our bodies.

Britain urged to find ways of coping with ageing population - Mar 2013
With advances in modern medicine, individuals are now living much longer, which raises questions on how societies can cope with a rapidly ageing population.

Nation's energy levels harmed by sleep deprivation - Feb 2013
Lack of good-quality sleep has created a nation of Britons with low energy levels, with many addicted to sleeping tablets. The solution is more quality sleep.

Folic acid supplements in early pregnancy 'protect against autism' - 18 Feb 2013
Mothers who take folic acid supplements during pregnancy are 40% less likey to have an autistic child.

Bolstering the immune system 'the best way to fight cancer'- Feb 2013
New research confirms what has long been suspected: that a strong immune system gives cancer sufferers the best chance of recovery.

Zinc may prevent out-of-control inflammation - Feb 2013
The mineral zinc is able to prevent the immune system from creating too much inflammation with infections, leading to faster recovery.

Simple changes can reduce risk of heart disease - Feb 2013
Heart Disease risk is greatly reduced by simple life-style changes such as exercise and a diet that supplies the body with antioxidants.

High-sugar diet 'may increase cancer risk' - Feb 2013
Sugar in large quantities can cause cancer, scientists have now found. Researchers in Madrid have discovered a mechanism that links diabetes and obesity with cancer.

Blood pressure and cholesterol 'top priorities' for people with diabetes - Feb 2013
Diabetics have always been told to focus sugar control, but new research suggests that addressing high blood pressure and cholesterol are just as important.

Study reveals harmful effects of air pollution on health - Feb 2013
Klamath Blue Green Algae provides many benefits for those taking it, including improved digestion, radioactive protection, detoxification and immune enhancement.

Give your body a boost with healthy algae - Feb 2013
Klamath Blue Green Algae provides many benefits for those taking it, including improved digestion, radioactive protection, detoxification and immune enhancement.

Study raises concerns about safety of antidepressant drugs - Feb 2013
Klamath Blue Green Algae provides many benefits for those taking it, including improved digestion, radioactive protection, detoxification and immune enhancement.

Antioxidants in berries linked to reduced heart attack risk - Feb 2013
Klamath Blue Green Algae provides many benefits for those taking it, including improved digestion, radioactive protection, detoxification and immune enhancement.

Carotenoids may reduce breast cancer risk - Feb 2013
Klamath Blue Green Algae provides many benefits for those taking it, including improved digestion, radioactive protection, detoxification and immune enhancement.

Study reports link between nations' milk consumption and Nobel prizes - Feb 2013
A correlation exists between milk consumption and Nobel Prizes. Also with chocolate. The study that found this was tongue-in-cheek, because milk is not actually that healthy!

5 reasons to try blue green algae - Feb 2013
Klamath Blue Green Algae provides many benefits for those taking it, including improved digestion, radioactive protection, detoxification and immune enhancement.

Happy mood 'may boost brain power' - Feb 2013
Staying positive may help to keep your brain young as you get older, a new study suggests. This is why it is so important to have friends and family who value you.

Lifestyle changes can reduce risk of cancer - Feb 2013
Many people are unaware that cancer has a huge lifstyle component to it, and that changing our habits can go a long way to reducing our chance of getting this disease.

Study shows benefits of vegetarian diet for the heart - Feb 2013
Vegetarians have a 32% lower risk of being hospitalised or dying from heart disease.

'Reassuring' study finds no link between folic acid and cancer risk - Jan 2013
Folic acid was erroneously believed to raise the risk of cancer, but analysis of almost 50,000 people confirm that this important nutrient is safe to take.

Regular aspirin use may harm eye health - Jan 2013
Aspirin may have vascular benefits but it can also damage the eyes by increasing the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Insufficient drinking water 'increases risk of UTIs' - Jan 2013
Recurrent urinary tract infections in women can be helped by drinking at least three litres of water a day and cutting out junk food.

Good nutrition 'important' for maintaining muscle mass - Jan 2013
Combining a healthy nutrient-rich diet with regular exercise can prevent muscle loss as we age, which can be an important factor for living a long and healthy life.

Supplements 'most important' for determining vitamin D levels in children - 27 Jan 2013
Vitamin D supplements really do significantly raise the Vitamin D levels in children, and may be even more important than exposure to sunlight.

Fruit and veg 'good for mood' - Jan 2013
A healthy diet high in fruit and vegetables, with seven or eight portions a day, can have a dramatic effect on mood and emotional wellbeing. Klamath algae also lifts mood.

Figures show three-fold rise in prostate cancer risk - Jan 2013
Over the last 25 years the risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer has trebled, making it the second most common cause of cancer death for men, behind lung cancer.

Beta-carotene 'may protect against type-2 diabetes' - Jan 2013
Early studies suggest that people whose genes make them susceptible to developing type-2 diabetes may benefit from boosting their intake of beta-carotene.

Loneliness 'may harm the immune system - Jan 2013
People who feel lonely have been shown to have depressed immune systems, making them more likely to suffer from chonic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, type-2 diabets, arthritis and Alzheimers.

Grape seed extract may hinder growth of advanced bowel cancer - Jan 2013
Compounds in grape seed extract have been shown by researchers at the University of Colorado Cancer Centre to inhibit bowel cancer cell proliferation.

Diet changes 'effective' at reducing inflammation - Jan 2013
Inflammation is at the root of many degenerative diseases, which is why anti-inflammatory diets, which tend to be healthy wholefood diets, can be so beneficial.

Natural tomato ingredient 'may improve cardiovascular health' - Jan 2013
Lycopene is a carotenoid pigment found in tomatoes that research has shown can significantly benefit those with cardiovascular diesease.

Researchers find genetic basis for eczema - Jan 2013
Research has shown that eczema has a genetic basis, but that does not mean that the symptoms of eczema cannot be successfully treated with natural topical preparations.

Effects of environmental toxins on children 'a public health crisis' - Jan13
Children are much more suseptible to environmental toxins than adults, and yet there is little public awareness of this danger. Fortunately, freshwater algae have been shown to help remove toxins from the body.

Study reveals harmful effect of cholesterol-lowering statins on muscles - Jan 2013
Statins are powerful drugs with dangerous side-effects that are used to thin the blood and reduce inflammation. Fortunately, effective and safe natural alternatives exist.

Prozac celebrates 25 years but many prefer natural approach - Jan 2013
Prozac, one of the leading antidepresseants, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. However, its side-effects are driving many to seek out natural alternatives for lifting mood.

Carotenoids may reduce breast cancer risk - Jan 2013
Over the last 25 years the risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer has trebled, making it the second most common cause of cancer death for men, behind lung cancer.

Are you getting enough vitamin D? - Jan 2013
The list of benefits of Vitamin D seems to be growing year by year, and yet experts say that there are still high rates of Vitamin D deficiency in the United Kingdom.

High-dose vitamin D 'may reduce risk of respiratory tract infection' - Jan 2013
Vitamin D is a fantastic vitamin for helping to reduce the risk of recurring respiratory tract infections, according to new research from Sweden.

Majority of Brits 'ignorant about cholesterol' - Jan 2013
Seven in ten Britons are ignorant about cholesterol: they do not know their own cholesterol levels and they do not know symptoms of high cholesterol.

Tamiflu saga suggests pharmaceuticals can't always be relied upon to fight disease - Jan 2013
Reviewers from the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration have found no clear evidence that Tamiflu works, which calls into question its manufacturer Roche's credibility in promoting medicines.

Could pesticides in your tap water be to blame for your food allergy? - Jan 2013
Food allergies can be a sign that your immune system has been weakened by pesticide chemicals found in tap water and on fruits and vegetables.

Antibiotic drugs 'no help against coughs' - Jan 2013
Research has shown that coughs do not respond to antibiotics, which are already overprescribed for every infection. It is much more advantageous to take natural remedies like curcumin complex, an extract of tumeric.

Poor survival for some rare cancers highlights importance of natural immune support - Jan 2013
Rarer cancers do not have the same treatment funding as the more common ones do, which makes natural immune system support for them a primary consideration.

How can shiitake mushrooms boost the immune system? - Jan 2013
Shiitake mushrooms have been found to significantly boost immune function, and have been used to fight cancer, AIDS, heart disease and hepatitis.

Environmental pollution 'could reduce cognitive function in older adults' - Jan 2013
Research in America indicates that air pollution not only increases cardiovascular and respiratory problems, but also cognitive function, especially in older adults.

Female urinary incontinence 'should not be considered taboo' - Jan 2013
Female urinary incontinence should no longer be taboo and should acknowledged as a problem that many women face as they get older.

Sugary drinks 'could worsen osteoarthritis' - Jan 2013
New research shows that sugary drinks significantly worsens the symptoms of osteoarthritis, especially in slim men and normal weight women.

Health impacts on happiness, says survey - Jan 2013
The state of an individual's health can have a serious impact on their happiness, according to a new study.

How to maintain bladder health - Jan 2013
Urinary incontinence is associated with growing older, However, a good diet, pelvic floor exercises and eliminating caffeine, alcohol and artificial sweeteners, can hugely help.

Toxins 'could be putting children at risk of cancer' - Jan 2013
New research from America indicates that pesticides and toxins in fruit and vegetables can put young children at risk of developing cancer later in life.

Low antioxidant levels linked to high blood pressure in PAD sufferers - Jan 2013
A new study at Penn State College of Medicine indicates that peripheral arterial disease (PAD) can helped by boosting antioxidant levels.

Grape seed extract 'helps fight infant stomach viruses' - Jan 2013
Grape seed extract could be highly effective at preventing infant stomach viruses, research shows.

What are the Benefits of Royal Jelly? - Jan 2013
Royal Jelly is a by-product of the honey-making process that has been shown to have some remarkable health-giving properties.

Child health experts campaign for Vitamin D widespread supplementation - Dec 2012
Leading health experts have called for more people to take vitamin D supplements to address the high prevalence of deficiency in the UK.

Junk food taxes could improve health - Dec 2012
A new review suggests that taxing unhealthy foods and beverages could help to drive down fast food consumption and improve people's health.

Research supports cancer-preventive properties of rice bran - Nov 2012
A review has concluded that bioactive components of rice bran may help to prevent the growth of cancer cells and encourage the natural process of cell death in tumours.

Professional Profile: Dr. Patrick Kingsley - Sep 2012
Patrick Kingsley is a retired medical doctor who, during the last 25 years of his UK medical practice which saw him treated over 9000 patients, did not prescribe a single drug and yet achieved astonishing success even with many of those with very poor prognoses.

The British Society for Ecological Medicine (BSEM) - Cancer and Endocrine Disorders - Sep 2012
Hayat El Hamri reports on her two days at the BSEM conference where the annual training topic was Cancer and Endocrine Disorders.

Go Green for a Healthy Body & Mind with Klamath Blue Green Algae - Aug 2012
Klamath Blue Green Algae is a green superfood for both body and brain, helping us to naturally find optimum health and nutritional balance.

Professional Profile: Neurofeedback Pioneer Marty Wuttke - Jul 2012
Marty Wuttke is a pioneer and therapist in the rapidly evolving science of neurofeedback. Nancy Silverstein met up with him when he recently visited the UK to find out about his latest brain system.

The British Society for Integrative Oncology Conference - Jul 2012
The British Society for Integrative Oncology held their first cancer conference for healthcare professionals on the 26th May 2012. Here, nutritionist Juliet Hayward reports on her experience attending.

Prevent the Winter Blues - Tutorial by Julie Silver - Jan 2010
Nutrition and health expert, Julie Silver, offers some top tips to preventing the winder blues and Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD).

Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae - The Ultimate Brain Food - Nov 2009
Nutritionist Kirsten Brooks examines some of the remarkable health benefits of Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae.

The Effects of Arabinoxylan on Dendritic Cells - May 2009 / CAM Magazine
New research suggest that arabinoxylan has beneficial effects on dendritic cells, the antigen presenting cells which play a key role in anti-tumour immunity. Therapist Juliet Hayward reports on the studies involving Biobran.


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